The Lost Well – by Natasha Lopez

Flash Fiction Challenge – 200 words or less on ‘The Well


Returning home was long overdue but life had moved quicker than Ross believed possible when he was a boy. Escaping the disapproving silence of the family gathering, he took his partner’s hand and led him down passed the cattle paddocks, along by the irrigation channels and into the trees. Jay said nothing. He knew that Ross’s emotions were bubbling under the surface. His face muscles were too tight. The sparkle that danced in his eyes was toned down and turned inwards.


Bindweed had grown over the well. Ross untangled their fingers and used his bare hands to reveal the circular stonework.


“Aunt Beth forbade me from coming here,” He said, his eyes focused on the middle distance seeing two boys and a girl running into the glade, their hair sun-bleached and their short legs speeding away from the adults.


“One long sun drenched day we threw our pocket money into the well.” Ross smiled at the memory, “Sally crowed that she would marry a rich guy. Trevor wanted a horse.”


“What did you wish for, babe?” Jay wrapped an arm around his partner’s shoulders.


“Love,” Ross whispered into the breeze, “It took its sweet time, but it found me.”


© 2013 Natasha Lopez


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