The Well – by Jean Reinhardt

Flash Fiction Challenge – 200 words or less on ‘The Well

She sat among the Marigolds and Asters, smacking unhappy lips together, with each gulp of wine. Eye stinging smoke rose from the overdone steak. Leaning over the fake stone well they built together, she let her tears drop to it’s dusty dry bottom. The last rays of sunshine washed over the carefully chosen shrubs, as the old, not yet converted barn, released it’s wave of bats to feed soundly on the night’s offerings. A soft whimpering drew her back towards the cottage. Paws and fur scrambled excitedly across her feet through the open door. Following the trail of drool, she smiled at the sight of the meticulously planned, anniversary supper, being devoured voraciously. That meal had gone the way of too many before it. Emptying the wine over her pool of tears, she wanted a clear head when packing. Standing in the Italian tiled hallway, she took one last, lingering look at ten years of boredom. Stepping outside to an uncertain life brought fresh beats to a tired heart. A note, hastily scribbled, fastened behind the gleaming brass knocker, fluttered as the door slammed shut. “Your dinner is in the dog, and your wine is in the well,” it said.

© 2013 Jean Reinhardt,


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