White Feathers – by Jane Dougherty

Here’s one on the ’angels’ theme. 200 words on the nose.

White feathers

She walked blindly. Behind her eyes the same scene played over and over. The café counter, the coffee she couldn’t get down, his hand on the zinc next to hers but holding a cigarette, defensive. It was over, he’d said. Coffee steamed, the smell of other people’s breakfast, other people going to work as if it were just an ordinary day.
She had left without a word, hoping it hurt him just a fraction of the way it hurt her. She hadn’t looked at his face, just the hand clutching the smoking cigarette. She walked, kept to the same pavement, following where it led.
She kept her gaze retracted like a snail’s horns. Crowds. She wanted solitude, looked about in a daze for an exit to the city. At the other side of the boulevard stretched the railings of a park. She stepped down from the kerb and a flurry of wings before her face startled her, made her step back. Car brakes screeched. White feathers drifted past her eyes. A face grimaced through a car window. Feathers drifted and lay like petals at her feet. A voice roared. She didn’t listen, just looked in wonder at the drifting whiteness.

© 2013 Jane Dougherty

I want to thank Jane for this beautiful flash fiction post on angels.  It is amazing and bang on the mark of 200 words.

If you would like to find out more about Jane and her writing you can find her on her blog http://janedougherty.wordpress.com/


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