Wishing Well – by Angie Neto


If life were a bed of Roses
An orchid I would be
A purple one most definately
Standing tall amongst those petals
Like a beacon to the bees
Come taste my pollen and you’ll see
The sweetest flavour it has to be
For I’m the prettiest flower by far
In the garden of the wishing well

But all at once my stem is plucked
And from my roots I’m torn apart
She stands before the wishing well
And pulls my petals one by one
Wishing for a love so true
She casts each one into the well
Her lips caress each fragrant leaf
Before they touch the water’s spell

Her heart cries out for love’s embrace
To the magic of the wishing well
The petals floating round and round
In a whirlpool lost in sound
From the shadows of the trees
A stranger walks towards the well
Lost in time their eyes do meet
He smiles at her and softly speaks

I know it’s you who called for me
So take my hand and walk with me
Into the well he takes her in
The circle of magic now complete
Their love forever flowing free
In this garden you will see
Two lovers stand reflected in
The waters of the wishing well

© 2013 Angie Neto


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