The Truth of the Soul – by Laura Crean

The Truth of the Soul

A soul stood before the gates of Time.
The Immortal One asked,
“Do you have a question before you enter?”

The soul asked,
“Father Time, tell me, how do I tell
the truth from a lie?”

This was the Lord of Time’s reply;

“The answer is simple –
A lie can disguise itself as the truth
and the truth may often seem too good to be true.
A lie will multiply until it becomes confusion
but the truth will withstand the test of time –
it will always remain constant – no matter what.

The answer is – Time will tell!”

The soul seemed distracted;

“So when I enter through your gates,
the truth will be revealed to me?”

Time answered…

“No! The truth will not be revealed to you.
You will be revealed to the truth,
Truth is the master of Time.”

© 2013 Laura Crean


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