Human – The Killers – and – Spirit of the Earth – by Laura Crean

This contribution to the well comes from Freelance Joe a very special soul who is always welcome in the garden.

Thank you Oh Captain my Captain for this beautiful question

“Are we human or are we dancers?”

…reminded me of one of my poems…

‘Spirit of the Earth’

All life is pure poetry of passion,
a dance of colour and dust,
dancing to the spirit of truth,
dancing to the heartbeat of nature.
Mother Earth whispers to her children
through the winds of transformation:
“Awake! Awake and be free!
Express yourselves
and let passion pulsate through action –
to enlighten your souls.
Be like the river,
flow free,
run wild,
then be calm and embrace the rains…”

© 2013 Laura Crean


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