Messenger – by Brent Griffin


Click this link to see the original source for this picture and a great piece on “The Muse”

Iwould like to welcome to the Well in the Garden Brent Griffin and his poem Messenger.

My blind messenger…

Is narcoleptic,

And fragile

He’s gone to great lengths to deliver my meanderings

But he chases his own tail persistently

With electric sun stained eyes

I scribble these words out on little pieces of ragged paper

Till my hand aches in pain

And rain comes over my thoughts,

A storm,

When you don’t receive my letters

My vows, my words

Are worthless without your precious waking eye

I see it drifting away

And falling asleep

I tell my messenger to wake you up

But the road to your heart

Is jagged and tattered

Scars run deep

I’d love to smoothen the edges

Fill the pot holes with friendship

And the cracks with promise

But I’m afraid to disappoint

So all I can do is write

And the little slivers of light

That come through the cracks make every word worth it

To see you gain the slightest bit of warmth from these words

Makes me smile

And effervescent…

I’ll keep writing away

And signing my name

So you know the source

From which the letter came

I would love to plunder and erase

The pain that’s hidden by silicone smiles on your face

And to stuff a cork,

the size of my soul,

Into every void that pushes and pulls you toward

Darkness, ignorance, chain length fences

Constructed by hidden delusions

My perfect vessel,

I’d love to fill you up with a stream

of endlessly comforting thoughts


I’d love for you to sing


At the top of your lungs

To my blinded messenger

I would love for him to

deliver the message to me

And take me back home

I’ll see you there

© 2013 Brent Griffin


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