On visiting the Well in the Garden… by Angie Neto


I take my rest walking through your beautiful garden
I quench my thirst from your wishing well
I discover others’ thoughts amongst their words
I find kindred spirits in most unexpected places
I learn from peoples’ life stories
But more importantly I meet new friends
By the well in Laura’s garden
So take a walk with me and see
The love that’s shared beside this well
Wonder through the flowers of words
And drop your wish into the well
Don’t just leave your footprints on the path
But leave a poem or two and thoughts as well
Thanks to Laura we’re all friends here
So stop awhile and share the peace
That she offers in her sunny garden
Come and see her wishing well

© 2013 Angie Neto


3 thoughts on “On visiting the Well in the Garden… by Angie Neto

  1. I would like to thank Angie for this beautiful poem and to say how lovely this makes me feel – that you enjoy wandering through my garden and meeting other visitors to the well (including me) – Yay! I’m just glad you find me and my gardening so welcoming Angie – and I love having you here ❤ xXx ❤

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