Realm of Shadows – by Laura Crean


I closed my eyes and found a place

where I could lose myself in sleep,
no longer doomed to watch the face,
the dreaded hands of destiny to keep
its slow and steady, infinite pace.

In the realm of shadows
time has not the same intentions,
you may sit undisturbed in quiet meadows
or just be a part of the dream’s inventions,
observing, partaking or even moulding
its timelessness to your own ends.

Shadows by their nature follow the real;
holding, copying, mirroring their partner’s actions;
often though the truth it bends,
its distorted path of time can be a distraction,
like the shadow that is extended with the path of the moon!

So it may seem that time has indeed won –
but the realm will not be conquered so soon.
I must take care not to get completely lost,
this place of dreams is a place to observe
and react accordingly, being careful that the boundaries crossed
are straight and true and do not swerve
from the path of this reality
to intrude on the realm of confusion!

It is easy to lose your way
in a realm filled with shadows and illusions,
but I know that I can be sure by the light of day
this journey will draw its own conclusions.
© 2013 Laura Crean

Taken from my book ’A Lifetime of Reflections


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