The Waters of Life – by Laura Crean

❤ I thought I would put my entry to this week’s ‘s poetry competition on the theme of water, posted by @freelancejoe in the well – thought the water theme was appropriate for the well. 😉 ❤

The Waters of Life


My life is moving like a flowing river

constantly cutting through a path,

it demonstrates a myriad emotions,

it knows that nothing ever lasts.

A quiet stream may trickle slow and easy,

its calm and gentle whisper

penetrates my dreams.

And yet nothing quite so simple

seems to please me

and nothing quite so complex

seems to tease.

As that sleepy river starts to awaken

and rocks and rapids introduce a change of pace,

I feel my senses sharpen, am I mistaken?

Is my life a river or a race?

And as the rush of water nears its final goal

the energy of my life-force takes a turn,

then suddenly the sum of all my parts are whole,

I feel there is little left I need to learn.

Finally the river finds the ocean,

its vast expanse sets my spirit free

and now I know my mind is open

as the waters of my life mingle with the sea.

So now my soul is moving with the tides of my emotions

I’m free to ebb and flow in gentle waves

and I know now that my devotion

to my children and my life behaves

just like the ever changing, ever flowing

gentle river travelling towards the sea

and the waters of my life are ever changing

to suit whatever form it may decide to be

© 2011 Laura Crean


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