Warrior’s Heart – by R. Clyde Ericson


Before You

I sprawl
In a warrior’s kneeling stance

I beg You
Upon my soul

For me
There is no cure
You’ve searched my heart
And found it pure

You will find
No Finer
Gentle, kind, and death
Fate of those
You’ve chose to fall
Upon this blade
Un-seen they mis-spake
Unto this armour
That You’ve made
And can never be
Torn apart
Is the treasure
Of this Warriors’ Heart

They know
Not the battles
That I’ve fought
And Fight
Daily with Your might

Ever sight unseen
Doth it come
Vile and unclean
Only to fall
Upon this blade
Again you’ve made
And like it’s sheath
What it guards
Is True
When you find
This Warrior’s Heart
In You

© 2013 R. Clyde Ericson


One thought on “Warrior’s Heart – by R. Clyde Ericson

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