The Angel on my Shoulder – by Laura Crean

The Angel on my Shoulder - by Laura Crean

(dedicated to my therapist)

I dreamt I had two angels
one on each shoulder, left and right,
both whispering in either ear,
trying to influence my actions – with all their might!
And on my right the angel would speak gently
in truth and with respect,
and on my left the little devil
with his vile tongue he would inject
every hateful lie he could invent
into my burning ear
and he would deliver every foul-mouthed curse
with dark deceit and fear.
And the devil was so clever
he would twist his words in glee
so I would then believe him,
those lies he told to me.
And everything that angel dark
whispered with such hate
I began to take into my heart
and believed it was my fate.
I began to live in darkness,
repeating all his lies,
I was worthless, I was lazy,
I was someone to despise.
Who would want to know me –
when I was such a waste of space?
I soon became so lonely
and didn’t show my face.
But as I withdrew further
and he had thought that he had won
his whispering was silenced
by the other one.
She whispered even louder
about how powerful I was,
that I was funny, I was clever
and I was so beautiful because,
I was a loving Mother
whose children on me did so depend
and I was a worthy daughter
and could be a noble friend.
The angel on my shoulder
breathed in my heart new life
and as I became much bolder
the devil dropped his knife,
he had tried to plunge it deeper,
but my armour now was truth
and God had sent a little messenger
from heaven as my proof.
So I want to thank that little angel
and give a little cheer,
long may she sit upon my shoulder
and whisper in my ear.

© 2013 Laura Crean


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