Burial – by Janelle Gregory


She left him in an auspice of desire;

Her name slips
too loosely off his lips.

Walls of hope
never scaled,
That morning lingers long and pale.

For pretense, a table of breakfast set.
They dine on memories
Love and regret.

Eyes – dusk covered struggling – forget.
– tableware cracked, some chipped someone broke.
two are thinking yet neither one spoke.

Ding of a fork
a tine hits a plate.
Visages cool –
harder than slate.

What would mean more, he’ll never know-
She needs him to lean in- kiss her lip bow.

Love never made it past the first birth,
a pretense of marriage is all
that it’s worth.

The D word never dare flood her mind.
A mask of serenity
She’s wears for all time.

He walks in a footfall
Too little or late
To revive a true love
Her heart couldn’t wait.

© Janelle Gregory 2013


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