Oh Hill Oh Hill – by Wild-Clyde

Oh hill Oh hill
Tread lightly upon this earth
Like the mountain range before you
fear not its’ path nor your own

Calm. Calm.
This beast inside that again you fear
Fear? Fear?
Like a bomb?
Calm Calm
Whispers Jack
Springing from his box

Dr Suess says Fox rhymes with box
Fox? Fox?
Oh how clever he thinks he is
So he is

As wounded rabbit screams and bleeds
Fox pricks ears
Easy prey on which to feed
Silently or so he thinks

The rabbit …young dog as Fox blinks
Woof Woof
And Fox laughs
Still food he thinks
And shuts his eyes
Although not asleep
As every dreaming soul beleives

As jaws clamp down upon such flesh
From his breath
Wolf Wolf
Why did you eat me?
Foxes last thoughts

Oh hill Oh hill
Tread lightly
Lightly then again have no fear

Oh hill Oh hill lightly tread
Upon this Earth
You are its’ bread

Divine and animal hybrids we are
So nice I am in and out of this beautiful Garden
And it is not true that there are two dogs inside of us
And it is the one which you chose to feed
It is true that we are one
And it is what you choose to feed the One

Careful what you think you eat
Specially while you sleep

© 2013 Wild-Clyde


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