Opening Doors – by Laura Crean


There’s nothing quite so magical

as walking through a door,

to look for new adventures,

to let your wishes soar.

You see, you never know when stepping through

where each new door will lead you,

even in the same old room

you may meet with someone new.

And with each new acquaintance

you meet behind a door,

a whole new world of possibilities

for you to find you can be sure.

So reach out your hand with confidence

and turn the handle now

and face each new adventure

with pride upon your brow.

Be bold and true when stepping through

into each new situation

and you will bring along with you

a whole new bright vibration

that resonates throughout the space

so everyone will see

that you have brightened up the room

of this I guarantee.

© 2012 Laura Crean

Taken from the book ‘Picture Perfect’


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