Competition ‘TIME’

Competition 'TIME'

Friday 20th September 2013

Well it’s Friday again – hello everyone visiting the garden today. I hope you all have a relaxing stroll this weekend and don’t forget to stop and chat over at our parent group . I was very surprised to find I had won the ‘New Poets’ competition over at MARSocial this week thanks to Joe Ephraim (hope I’ve spelt that right Joe) so I thought I would once again combine the themes. So the theme for the competition over at will be ‘Time’ as I am doing quite a bit of research in that area for several projects I’m working on! See…

So with the theme of ‘Time’ in mind I am looking for flash fiction of 500 words or less and the winning 3 entries will be posted on the group blog next weekend (if I only get a couple of entries – well you’ll automatically go on the blog, but it would be nice to have a few more entries for us all to read).

I will be posting the competition on the MARSocial page too but I’m hoping some WordPressers might enter too. Don’t be shy – come and have a go!

Have a good weekend guys and I look forward to reading all the poetry entries over at New Poets and your story entries at the Well in the Garden!

❤ Xx Laura xX ❤


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