Vision – Edward Frank (Competition Entry)

'Vision Competition'

I am looking for entries to my competition to win a signed copy of ’Vision’. I would love a few entries to choose from. Here is one entry from the Facebook events page


A vision softly creeping
came to me while I was sleeping
it stuck its tentacles in my brain
but it didn’t cause any pain

There’s no pain receptors in a brain cell
and this is just as well
because I it would otherwise really hurt
when those pincher start to insert

The vision is swimming in my head
I am sure I will soon be dead
I am not sure what I will be
maybe some kind of undead zombie.

I really fear the sound of silence
That comes to me from violence
But as my vision fades to black
I know like Arnold, I’ll be back.

© 2013 Edward Frank

❤ ❤ ❤ You can pop over and post a poem or a piece of prose (200 words or less) – or you could post it here and I will post it over there for you. It would be nice if some of you came over to support me on Facebook though. So get your thinking caps on and tune in to your inner eye for inspiration… ❤ ❤ ❤



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