My Vision – Geraldine Ann Ford (Competition Entry)

My Vision - Geraldine Ann Ford (Competition Entry)

You sit under a waterfall,
long dark hair cascading,
blending with the spring water,
pure – cleansing your being;
exorcising the demons you found
impossible to control.

Sunlight dancing in your eyes;
windows to your soul.
Are you free dear sister?
Like your ashes fluttering in the wind.
Is your spirit, so numbed by drink,
now liberated from torment?

My pain and my anger at you
overflow in a torrent of tears,
into the waterfall,
flooding all-round you,
saturating you with my sadness.

You begin to merge
with boulders beneath the water
and the rock behind,
you become the waterfall, the gorge,
you are everywhere,
but nowhere.

© 2013 Geraldine Ann Ford

If you would like to enter the competition to win a copy of the book ‘Vision’ by Laura Crean – you can find it on the Book Launch Facebook Event page here –
or you could post a poem or piece of prose under 200 words as a reply here.


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