I AM – Poetry in Motion by K.D. Rose

I AM - Poetry in Motion by K.D. Rose

I am proud to introduce you to a poet here in the Garden who would like to throw a wish into the well…

…That women everywhere should stand proud and be empowered – this is a book for every woman.

“This book is for girls. This book is for women. This is a book to empower females from teenagers through adults. Take this book and use it. The contents were made to keep us going through the tough times. Females, we undervalue ourselves. Easily. And we too easily believe how little we are worth. This is not a book that has anything against men. But they can write their own book. And don’t forget, we need to UN-bifurcate and take care of ourselves just as humans too. But this is a book for females. I wanted especially to use pictures in a prominent way to tell some of our stories. Find ways to tell your own. Find the things that matter in life. Don’t let anyone make you loosen your grip. Ever. You are all you have. Take good care of yourself.”


I am raw,
I contain worlds.
I birth my words like red arrows.
Sometimes they slither out
Like green ice;
Words you would place in a martini.
I want to bleed words.
I want to kill my heart.
I want to take in the sacred like a bullet.
We are lightening
In tar paper shanties.
I have paint for the landscape.
I have not forgotten that you shine.
© 2013 K.D. Rose


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