Fairest Mirrors – Todd Harris

Fairest Mirrors - Todd Harris

An interesting thought just dropped into the well by our competition winner Todd Harris…

Fairest Mirrors
by todd harris

wandering orbits wonder
approaching nearest end
why next looks like prior
pointing roundabout again

peer behind rolled silver
now covering closed doors
discover fresh conversing sides
one’s never met before
Hello fellow Gardeners —

One theory concerning our universe’s topology posits that its shape resembles a huge Klein surface.
Such a surface turns in on itself, using an extra metric dimension beyond the tradition spatial x-y-z to cross over and connect back to itself, so that one can circulate about, but cannot leave. Write all you can on this pass around, so as to make the next orbit that much more interesting. Being a physicist teaches one that:
Curiosity piqued
rocks happiness’ cradle…..:)

…Intrigued by this concept Todd – I will look into that and ponder it some… 🙂



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