A Journey Destined to be Solo – Elizabeth Woods

A Journey Destined to be Solo - Elizabeth Woods

Both traveling our own journey,
Both walking our own path,
Not expectant of the future,
Yet asking questions never asked.

We may have not have given a moments thought,
Meeting was pre-destined.
The universe did gift it,
For learning of new lessons.

Vibrations through the moon,
Uncovered Two minds one heart,
Reminding each other,
Each moment is just the start.

Knowing each other to the core,
Before we even collided,
Allowing transcendental laughter,
On this energy wave we glided.

Delving even deeper,
Without needing any words,
Seeing the essence of each others soul,
Knowing together we are heard.

Grasping at the echo’s,
Calling from the past,
Never wanting a disruption,
Yet wanting it to last.

Bathing in the moon rays,
Swimming in the flow,
Meeting at the boundaries,
Encouraging each other to let go.

Staring at new possibilities,
Chasing them to see,
Just what lies there in this life,
What’s there for you and me.

Traversing through the world now,
Enjoying each others hand.
Yet knowing, ever knowing,
We need to walk solo through this land.

Unlocking brand new questions,
Releasing answers from times gone by.
Walking together to the light,
Re-learning how to fly.

Let’s enjoy this moment,
Stretch long and wide,
Let’s enjoy the knowing,
We got each other by our side.

© 2013 Elizabeth Woods


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