Journeying to a ‘Land of Dreams’ sounds lubbly jubbly…

I’m not sure whether it is as dream fulfilling as the advert makes out but as I sit here in my cold, lonely bedroom in the UK – I can honestly say a journey to a fun vibrant land of dreams sounds lubbly jubbly right about now!

But saving the actual journey, which I can’t afford as I am a poor single Mum with no passport and a fear of leaving my house let-a-lone the country – I shall content myself with writing myself into a land of dreams – let the journey begin…

Realm of the Purple Dragon excerpt

With the door to Ellenor’s reality closed behind her she was now facing the dreamy world of the Dragon Realm. Ellenor knew the game like the back of her hand and the computer animated, virtual reality Realm of the Purple Dragon was second nature to her. But this world set out before her was real and although she knew in her mind where everything was on the television screen and had a computer animated plan in her head of the realm, she had no idea in reality which direction she should go in.
She appeared to be standing slap bang in the middle of a vast field of purple flowers. They seemed to stretch out as far as the eye could see in every direction. The only thing to break the view was the rather strange and indistinct image of her bedroom door, which floated at least ten centimetres in mid air from the ground. All other evidence of her bedroom had now completely vanished. She stood for several minutes trying to relate the field of flowers to the computer plan of the realm, but in the end she concluded she couldn’t remember ever seeing such a place before.
As she stood with her hand shielding the sun from her eyes, she squinted to try and see into the distance, when she heard a familiar sound. It was the fluttering sound of the little Purple Dragon’s wings as he flew out of nowhere up to Ellenor, landing slightly awkwardly on the ground just in front of her. He then started to preen himself.
“Hello there little fella.” Ellenor whispered, “Any chance of showing me which direction to go in?” The little dragon looked up at Ellenor, leaning his head to one side as if listening to what she was asking him and then took off at an incredible speed, flying with remarkably little movement in his body. He looked more like a sneaky snake slithering across the desert sand than the way Ellenor would have imagined a real live dragon to fly.
He flew with an elegant sort of beauty and Ellenor suddenly realised as he started to get further away that she had better start running or he was going to leave her behind. She ran as fast as her legs would carry her, which wasn’t very fast as she hadn’t had much exercise recently and certainly hadn’t anticipated the need to run so soon after being ill.
Ellenor just about kept the little dragon within her sights and after about 10 minutes, slowed right down to a walking pace again as she had developed a rather painful stitch in her side. She limped along holding her side, desperately trying to keep up with the quickly disappearing dragon.
Her chest began wheezing as her asthma and hay fever started to affect her. This, she presumed, was because of the field of flowers. She didn’t stop to use her inhaler but struggled with it as she walked, taking long puffs of her blue ventolin. Eventually as her breathing returned to normal, she stopped struggling and started enjoying the walk.
© 2013 Laura Crean

Buy The Realm of the Purple Dragon now and enjoy the journey…

Or…write your own adventure…

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