Bored – by Elizabeth Woods

Bored - by Elizabeth Woods

Here is a little ditty I wrote when I remembered my dad scolding me when I told him there was nothing to do …


I’m Bored I once made the mistake of telling my grandad ‘I’m bored’.
He grunted and said ‘there’s a whole world to be explored.
You tell me you are bored, but you plainly cannot see,
The world around you, and all it’s beauty.

For example: If we go and dig up some dirt there are many things to be found,
It is amazing to see what you will find in the ground.
Like worms, ancient relics, and precious stones,
If we are lucky we may even find dinosaur bones.

If we look to the oceans, we can dive really deep,
We can see all the sea creatures and their homes where they sleep.
We can sail all the oceans traversing the globe,
Riding the waves that we now call home.

If we look to the sky in the middle of the day,
We see the blue of the sky, or it may even be grey.
But if we look even further we can behold the universe,
We can wonder about just how small is planet earth.

Not even having to leave the house for creation,
You can explore the depths of your own imagination.
For whatever you see, whatever you perceive,
Is your very own version of reality.

So choose wisely at what you create in your head,
For that’s what will become, that’s what you said.
If you say you are bored then bored you shall be. ‘
Not me though,’ said grandad, ‘I’ve too much still to see.’

© 2013 Elizabeth Woods

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