Vision Competition entrants – Reminder to send your addresses to recieve your prizes…

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Seasons Greetings to everyone who supported me with my Vision – space Between the Universes Facebook Book Launch . This is just a quick reminder that some of the entrants to my competition haven’t given me their address yet so I can send them their Christmas Prize. If you would still like your Christmas Prize please email me ( an address to send it to. The Poets’ addresses I am waiting for are – Sandra Adcock, Jane Dougherty, Anne Reeve, R.Clyde Ericson and Edward Frank. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

A reminder of the winning entry…


Envisioning Poets’ Word-Garden by Todd Harris

poets set free

word-garden worlds we see:

whirling rides, wind-bent trees
winding lanes, bumblebees
fabled fairies, spinning bobbins
flashing fair rides, reddish robins

of Fallen leaves, of fated love
what’s far below and miles above
darkest dreams of dread machines
waging wars with brave marines

of earthen space and frosted fire
tall whispered truths, drawn-deep desires
celebrating Excaliber’s magical birth
phantom oakwoods, middle earth

fruity sweetness, starkest cold
unchained wetness, well-mossed mold
cold-sweat courage, brainy brawn
reddish sunsets, fresh-greyed dawn

yellowed parchment, delicate lace
marble paths, immortality’s space
unbroken chains, young fool’s gold
fresh artful darts, tough trials grown old

curled orange petals, red crimson roses
frame double-helix-formed sorrows
fanciful phrases dream delicate poses
word-cast visions dream unmet tomorrows

© 2013 Todd Harris


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