Vision – by Robert Clyde Ericson

Vision - by Robert Clyde Ericson


2 thoughts on “Vision – by Robert Clyde Ericson

  1. How many times have I thoughtlessly released a mouthful of words, caring little where they land, or their impact. Not until the after effects my actions create, touch my heart, do I stop and ponder… what have I done. I’m unable to fully comprehend from this shallow well I drink, a deeper one must be dug in order to get purer water.
    When my thirst for something better, finally gets the better of me, by grace alone I’ll realize from a thoughtful heart, the labors of love can do, what a body cannot.

    • Thank you so much for adding these very thoughtful words. I’m sure that the poet will agree with you as do I. words can cut so deep and actions even deeper – better to cut with love than a sharp tongue ❤

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