New Beginnings – Letting go through meditation with Alan Watts

When thinking about New Beginnings, I suppose many people automatically think about how they can become a better person, or a more healthier person, have a more fulfilling life, be less stressed, less anxious, less worried about financial issues, health issues, family relationships, the state of governments or the planet’s ecological stability… I say just let go, relax, quiet the mind of all those useless thoughts that are cluttering your life and just be in the now… sit in the garden and be quiet and still for a while…







kaars                            judaism_xlarge



Now you should be feeling much more relaxed, calmer and able to get up and start those New Beginnings…

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7 thoughts on “New Beginnings – Letting go through meditation with Alan Watts

  1. I have read quite a few things by Alan Watts, and listened to a few of his recorded talks from the 1970’s “Myth of Religion” and “Do You Do It, or Does it Do You?” One amazing article is “The World’s Most Dangerous Book”. I am not familiar with “Letting Go through Meditation” by Alan Watts. Is this a book or series of exercises he has published? Send me a link if you have it. Thanks!

    Becky (Rebecca Braun) aeternalumen

    • Becky ‘Letting go through Meditation’ is just the title I have given my post. The reason I have said ‘with Alan Watts’ is because the first you tube link is a video made using a recording of him talking about meditation. My theme in the garden at the moment is ‘New Beginnings’ and ‘Letting go’ just a part of that theme. The video is just to help those who visit the garden to make a start with meditation if they would like to. There is another video at the bottom of the post of music to meditate to. I don’t know why the videos came up as links and not the full video screen. Hope that clarifies the issue for you – I agree – alan Watts has produced some amazing talks.

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