Inner Visionary Verses – Personal Intuitive Insights #3 – Personal Truth

Wednesday 7th May 2014

Personal Intuitive Insights #3 – Personal Truth

There is a well of wisdom in all of us and it waters the garden of our spirit. Each garden is planted with seeds of many varieties but each seed is a mere grain of truth. Truth comes from knowledge that feeds the well from many sources; therefore it is not always a black and white matter. We all learn our lessons from a different perspective – no two views can ever be the same because we are all consumed with our own motivations, drives, passions and rationale. In this way… truth may have its own agenda for each of us but grows with wisdom through both experience AND innocence.  These are the words I feel compelled to share today.


4 thoughts on “Inner Visionary Verses – Personal Intuitive Insights #3 – Personal Truth

  1. These are wonderful words to share today Laura. Simply wonderful, because they allow for expansion of ‘Truth, at the intuitive level, and it begins with the very first sentence you write.

    The ‘Well of Wisdom that you speak of, that waters our Spirit, is Spirit itself.

    Imagine if we would, having to figure out ‘how to’ digest the food we eat ourselves, or having to actually ‘Think about breathing. This is ‘pure wisdom of the well, and it’s based entirely upon Love. Pure love, without condition, and not for merely a people, but for All things whether ‘seen or unseen.

    Seeds ~ and the Mind, go hand in hand, for all is relative in a life, and we are all planters of seeds. How many of us in our ‘thinking, live as farmers planting tomato’s, which are old in 10 weeks.

    One could easily, just as well, Grow an Orchard of Olive Trees, or Mighty Oaks in regards to their ‘Thoughts. Lofty in height and Solid at the Foundation, expanding in purpose, beyond generations in time.

    Views ~ In the grander scale, there are but two, be they one.

    The Analytical view (ego based thinking) and the Analogical view ( Intuitive Knowing) and as mentioned prior, it’s simply understanding the ‘Brain(which is not the mind, but a tool of the mind) and how it works.

    Its the ‘Rising above’ the Analytical (common thinking) that makes all the difference in a persons life, and as such, in the lives of all whom they encounter along the way ~ it’s like ripples in a pond.

    I shall cease now, for fear of writing forever on this subject, as I’m certain I could.

    Thank you once again for adding such Vibrancy to our days. And much Love to you, and to All.

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