Word-Calls – by dr. Todd Harris


As many ways:

as leaves doth fall
as hatchlings sing
as aspens turn
as deadfalls burn
as storm clouds call
as winds direct
as words abide
as beach sands tide
as cotton grows
as rivers bow
as pebbles roll
as turtles stroll
as babies cling
as sparrows flock
as soldiers die
as lakeshores dry
as peppers sway
as hairlines gray
as mothers coo
as atoms clock
as mornings dawn
as catchers catch
as watchers watch
as rice sheets fold
as creekside’s mold
as crowds review
as clock gears click
as memories stick
as waters fall
as shepherds call
as crowds collect
as carvers notch
as trails transect
as buildings rise
as tints surprise
as sunsets wane
as songs refrain
as kisses wet
as players fret
as droughts decide
as raindrops blotch –

as many ways as birds draw near
Spring song serenades gardens clear.

© 2014 Todd Harris


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