Inner Visionary Verses – Personal Intuitive Insights #9 – Education

Inner Visionary Verses - Personal Intuitive Insights #9 - Education

❤ I will add my painting when it is finished ❤


Thursday 15th May 2014

Personal Intuitive Insights #9 – Education

Yesterday I started a painting of the Buddha. Last night I dreamt that I was in a classroom. It was quite a long and complicated dream actually, but I think the point of it was fairly simple. The teacher was trying to teach a lesson that I felt uncomfortable with; I felt she was wrong in what she was saying and I was very unhappy and felt sad about her attitude. The teacher became angry with me and told me to smile. I refused to smile and told her I couldn’t smile if I wasn’t happy. She then tried to manipulate me into behaving the way she felt I should behave and when I wouldn’t conform she started trying to get me into trouble so she could expel me from the school.

I went to the Head Teacher and told her what had been going on and about how the teacher was spreading lies about me and trying to make me smile even though I wasn’t happy. The Head Teacher was a good teacher and believed me and wanted my time in school to be a happy one and felt my learning experience should be one in which I could share my views and challenge the teachers’ opinions. She fired the teacher and led me back to a calm, stress-free classroom where the teacher and students welcomed me and I felt secure. The classroom was now warm and friendly with classical music playing quietly in the background and where the teacher and students were sitting on soft sofas and beanbags, drinking tea and discussing the Buddha.

The Buddha’s father, although he loved his son a great deal, felt that he needed to shield his son from the harsh realities of the world; so he decided his way of educating him would be to keep him locked up in the palace away from all suffering. When the Buddha discovered he was being manipulated and misled in this way by his father and that what he had thought was the reality of his world was in fact an illusion, he decided he needed to go out into the world and learn for himself about the nature of reality.

Today I feel that Education should be an equal partnership between the educator, state and the pupil. All knowledge needs to be absorbed through truth and self-discovery… Trust that wisdom through experience should not be dictated to the student, but shared in such a way that the truth of it becomes an exciting and enlightening experience and one that the pupil can build on, challenging the curriculum and the teacher in such a way that they may change it if it becomes out-dated. In this way I feel student, teacher and state can learn from each other through an equal partnership. This is what I feel the Buddha, through my dream, was trying to teach me.


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