Flower in the Desert – by Laura Crean


Lord above I implore you hear my cries

Lord in whatever dimension you are hiding behind these cold dark skies

I am dying day by day for intervention

I cannot cope without love, a kind word, some warm affection

My life is running by with no direction

No one cares, no one dares to offer up a helping hand

Isolation pulls me down like sinking sand

And here I stand…

I shout and cry with silent eye at all who walk my way

Why do you never answer when I pray?

I smile at all and talk with kindness too

I do my duties as a single mother and try to muddle through

But no one sees me no one hears me when I speak

My future more and more is looking ever distant and so bleak

But time and pressure beckons in a mounting stress

How much more can I give to life when living only makes more mess?

Lord hear my cries and send an angel to this cold and barren land

Or bring me home because I fail to understand

How I can sit in all these cluttered crowded rooms

With so many souls but be so alone – as a flower in the desert blooms

There is no one to see the flower’s beauty or smell its sweet perfume

It is surrounded by a bush of prickled cacti indifferent to its bright display

The icy desert is a world with no warmth – just harsh decay

I see the storm is rolling in on clouds of dusty desperation

Lord hear my cries and send love to water this desolation

Heal my heart and the hearts of all those who fail to see

That I am here and want the chance to just be what I can be

I want to live in freedom and express the gifts you have blessed me with

But I fear my spirit weakening, I have no more strength to give!

© 2014 Laura Crean.


4 thoughts on “Flower in the Desert – by Laura Crean

  1. Hey Laura I am just a finger tap away. Take a look around your garden and see all the friends you have made. You have touched so many with your beautiful words and your circle of friends continues to grow.

    Such a beautiful poem and I pray your cry for an answer gets heard. They say every cloud has a silver lining but sometimes it stays hidden for a time but when the storm is over the silver will sparkle through and rainbows will fill your skies.

    Just tap me if you need to chat or even just vent your frustration.

    Fondest wishes your purple pal ♥♡♥

    • Thanks hunny. I know. I’m not very good with the social side of life – I find it so hard. I’m not feeling very well at the moment, but I really appreciate your friendship – it means so much to me. Thank you for taking the time to read and write a response.

      Xxx ❤ xxX

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