Miceal Ledwith – How Jesus became a Christ…

Miceal Ledwith – an Incredible man with an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. Well worth some more research.

I hope you watched the videos in their entirety.  And I hope that your mind has been opened in some small way to how much more there is to Jesus and his life – and of course the more wider hidden knowledge that comes from what teachings Jesus himself would have absorbed in his own life and travels in Persia, India and Tibet.  Take some time now to think about it all and perhaps do some further studies.  Unfortunately I cannot find the next parts in the series but there are plenty of other videos out there to delve into this subject a little more if you so wish.  If you want to find out more about Miceal’s ideas about the evolution of consciousness you can find him at http://www.hamburgeruniverse.com/



11 thoughts on “Miceal Ledwith – How Jesus became a Christ…

    • I would like to believe that more people will come to learn about these subjects. Jesus was trying to teach the most important lesson of all for humanity. A lesson that will help every human being to affect positive change in their own world but also the lesson that we all can have a communion with God. Not in the ways that religions now preach through dusty old religious rights in cold buildings and with meaningless words but through a deep and personal journey to connect with God in everything. Everything in the universe is connected through God. There is a huge amount of hidden knowledge and history on this planet that needs to come to the surface so that people can see the real truth – God is not an old man sitting on a cloud in a heaven up there somewhere above our heads and there is no devil with a pitchfork down there somewhere beneath our feet – the universe has many levels of dimensions and the creative energy of God is spread out throughout all those dimensions, not just the visible universe.

  1. Hearing this information warms my heart, for I’ve always known that the message of Christ is of pure love. The message on my site teaches the importance of removing the dysfunctional ego, and embracing the loving God. So this information isn’t all that new to my heart. It just feels really good to hear it being told to the world by someone of such knowledge and importance. I know what it’s like to step into the line of fire, when talking to people and their religious beliefs… so I’ve learned not to. However it’s clear that Miceal Ledwith is someone with the spiritual integrity to not be bothered by such imbalance.
    Again, thank you for opening this door and letting the Light in.
    My blessings to you…

    • There is so much more to his message than of simply pure love – it is a message of being in total communion with the universe – every minute part of the universe and in so doing with God in each and every piece of universal consciousness. I think it was only natural for someone like Miceal Ledwith to want to go deeper into understanding, when he has surrounded himself with knowledge for so many years, not only through study in the usual academic sense but by being surrounded by other people of knowledge and faiths from all walks of life. And for consciously searching out hidden knowledge that the mainstream institutions don not want people to look into. I am pleased that you got something out of the post – now go on and learn more ❤

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