How to begin a meditation


A few people have asked me how to meditate.  OK so I have never been trained by anyone in meditation.  I am not a Buddhist or anything like that but I instinctively have come to use meditation since I was in my 20s as a tool for relaxation, to de-stress, to focus my mind for writing or artwork, to commune with God and also it can lead to astral projection.  So I will tell you how I begin a meditation and then you can try it yourself and maybe it will help you.

The most basic thing I can say about meditation is that it should lead to total relaxation.  Oh yes – don’t be surprised if you fall asleep – it happens all the time LOL.  I don’t think you are supposed to fall asleep, so when you get the hang of it you should be able to stay awake and finish feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.



You can use music or not it is entirely up to you.  Some people light candles and have incense burning or have sounds of the sea.  I think it is up to the individual to find what works best for them.  I think some people use chanting or drums as a focus – prayer or reciting scriptures is also a form of meditation and so are the constructions of mandalas.  I have found painting in itself is much like a meditation and I have even had a go at painting my own form of mandalas.


This is how I personally meditate…

First of all I make sure I am not hungry or thirsty and I have been to the toilet.  also it is better if you are alone, so I usually meditate when my children are not in the house or if they are all occupied in their own quiet activities.  If you have a small child or baby you should wait until they are being looked after by someone else or they are asleep.

I personally have tried to meditate sitting up and have found it impossible to come to the level of relaxation I need in my meditation, so I lay down flat on my back, either on my bed or on the floor with a pillow under my head.  Palms flat on the floor beside me.  I find it better to have music playing – most new age or meditation music works fine as well as some classical music.


OK so the first thing I do is I breathe deeply for a little while, concentrating on getting my breathing slow and even, with deep breaths in and out.  I know some people say you should breathe in through your nostrils and then out through your mouth – I tend to do this  for a few times nice and deeply and then go back to breathing in and out through my nostrils concentrating on it for a little while and then I change my focus to relaxing all the parts of my body, from my toes right up to my head and facial muscles, making sure I completely relax each bodily part before moving on to the next so that there is no tension in any part of my body.  I usually find the hardest part to relax is my back and I always remember from my dance classes as a child, my teacher trying to get me to get my back flat on the floor and I never could, so if I am having difficulty relaxing my back, I may put a flat pillow in the arch of my back so that I can get rid of the noticeable tension there.  I spend a long time on this part of my meditation because I don’t want my body to be a distraction.

Once I am completely relaxed and I have no tension and my breathing is calm and regular I have different types of meditations I do.  I may then just relax and listen to the music, letting it take me on a journey.  I really try and lose myself to the music but I try not to fall asleep, I try and use the music as my focus for attention, seeing the music as dances of colour and light in my mind’s eye.  I use this type of meditation often because what I am looking for is relaxation – to get rid of the stresses, anxieties and tensions that have built up.  Sometimes I will fall asleep, but I don’t mind because I awake feeling fully refreshed.  If I am using music as a relaxation form of meditation, I often plug in ear bud headphones and end up in a fetal type of position – like the recovery position.


Sometimes I want to try and get inspiration for art and writing.  On these occasions I don’t use music.  Instead I may take myself into  what I believe some people call a guided meditation.  For me, I use my imagination to put myself in different situations depending on what project I am working on.  I have a very vivid imagination so these meditations work really well for me.  In the last year or two I have started to visit a particular spot that I call my Space Between the Universes this started as a creative writing exercise but has now turned into somewhat of a spiritual journey as I do find myself talking to God.  Whether it is actually God I am talking to or just a fictional character that I am manifesting – well – I’m not entirely sure – it could be a bit of both – who knows.  Anyway it is a great exercise and I enjoy it immensely.  Whoever the character is that I meet with on that beach, whether it is a fictional character, God or just me talking to myself – I get good advice LOL  When I come out of these meditations or visions or  ‘day dreams’ if you prefer I always feel like I have actually been somewhere and it may lead to some productive writing or artworks which is what I am hoping for at the end of the day.


The final type of meditation is the hardest to achieve but can lead to the most profound state of being.  And that is an out of body experience or astral projection.  Now whether this is actually what is happening or not is a discussion that can get different people very fired up.  Psychologists may say it is to do with sleep paralysis, religious people may say it is a sin or bad voodoo or all sorts of things, so you need to figure out in your own mind what you think is happening and if you want to achieve this ‘feeling’ or ‘state of being’.  It can be very frightening for some people, it can be exhilarating for others – so you have to decide yourself whether you want to give it a go or not.  Also, not everyone can do it and people have tried for years and years and never been able to – for me – I used to spontaneously come out of my body from a very young age and thought everyone did it.  As I got older, other people’s views of it filled me with all sorts of feelings like guilt and fear and it became harder for me to achieve.  Now I find it very difficult to do but do still occasionally  manage it with different results.  So how do you do it?

This is how I do it – other people may have different ways.  I always begin the same as every meditation, with my breathing and relaxation exercises (no music) because it needs a lot of concentration and complete relaxation with no distractions from the environment or from the body.  The focus is what some people call ‘the third eye’ that space in your forehead above and between your eyes.  So with eyes closed and completely relaxed and calm on your back, you need to concentrate on that area – this is a lot more difficult than it sounds and it is very easy to just fall asleep.  Now this is the important bit – you have to notice when you start to feel yourself falling asleep and stop yourself from doing so.  It is at this point that I usually start to feel the vibrations, which are like a kind of tingling in that area, which usually build to a buzzing kind of vibration.  Now this isn’t just a buzzing in your ears, all though that might happen too.  This is a vibration that you can feel in your whole body.  Once you start to feel that buzzing, vibration type feeling you need to get control of it.  So you concentrate on becoming that vibration, that buzzing – it is you – it is your spiritual body detaching from the physical body.  It is really, really hard to keep focusing on that vibration without ‘thinking’ about other stuff or falling asleep but if you can get through it then you should feel yourself (as the vibration) lifting up and eventually coming out of the body entirely.  When you first start getting to this point, you may find that you get very excited at the prospect that you are ‘doing it’.  Don’t!  Because if you get excited, you lose focus and concentration and it all stops.  Also you may find that at the point of lifting out of your body, the actual point of exiting the body is so strange and disorienting that you immediately fall back into your body with a start.  This happens a lot!  Another thing that happens a lot, is that once you are out of your body you can lose your sense of self, your identity and become confused.  This may end in you falling asleep spontaneously.  This is when you can question whether you really did achieve an out of body experience or whether you were just dreaming!  Well – that is the question isn’t it.  I have questioned it many a time.  However I have had sessions where I have come out of my body, been exploring and returned to my body without the interruption of sleep.  More often than not though I have gone straight from the out of body experience to the dream state.  This is why I find dreams so fascinating.


 It has led me to question reality and is why I am fascinated with spiritual matters and quantum physics because of the dream dimension and the out of body experiences being so closely linked.  I think you have to be very in control of your sense of self because this could actually drive you quite insane.  You need to keep your wits about you.  Don’t worry about getting lost – I have found that the slightest noise in the  house or bodily sensation usually brings me springing straight back into the body.  OK so there you have it.  You may think I am completely crazy but that is as they say that – give it a go.  And come back and let me know how you got on.

❤ Laura ❤

some music to get you started…


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