Inner Visionary Verses – Personal Intuitive Insights #11 – Soul Ties


I believe people always gravitate towards the energy of those who will have a positive effect on them and vice versa.  These are the types of relationships we should all strive to attain.  Negativity in a relationship will drain this energy and the power of that relationship becomes unbalanced.  This in turn affects the delicate balance of universal consciousness. Soul ties are a powerful force and need to be strengthened through a positive emotional connection with universal consciousness.  Reinforce those positive bonds daily by living every moment with others in love and gratitude, radiating light and generosity of spirit.  In this way new relationships will begin with equal energy and power.  However that doesn’t mean we should avoid people who drain our energy.  Rather we should be in control, not giving away our energy to those who do not need it, saving it for those who do.  If we all pay attention to the balance of the energy in our daily relationships by radiating light and not absorbing negativity, then we will soon be sensitive to everyone’s needs, ultimately giving way to peace.


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