Wee Bush Wrens – a poem by dr Todd harris

Todd has brought new life into the garden for the new year, in the form of our winged friends.  Fly free my lovelies like all the birds in the gardens of the world…


battles end
comes love
comes death
repurposed peace
inquires breath

gravity’s fall
tall depths depend
affections fair float
fresh spring’s calling winds

Roses’ gut feelings
Flowers’ intuition
Petal-born sunrise’s room
leaf effacing joy

Stem directed happiness
wilting sorrow’s toy
Droughty depression
Widowed Crimson blooms

Sun risen curve
Blooms someone’s best
Moonlight’s verve
Remedies relegate restorative rest

missing yesterday
night fallen crickets’ calling call
sunset’s slowly closing gray
remembered places all

composite faces
compounded graces
no dismay
late afternoon grown warmer skinned
stripped moonlight bare

poolside watery reflections stray
sharing laughter’s air
tales sing operatic solos rising
worded notes pronouncing fall

misplaced stares
warm phases walked away
gone now gone
wanders novel poet’s fawn astray

give petals purpose
validate bees
sharing skies
ladybugs fly

we bush wrens
just seek
shorter trees


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