Blood Moon is Live–in Paperback too!

I thought this was an appropriate share considering the theme – enjoy!

Lucidity Publishing

Blood Moon smashwords cover

My latest book, Blood Moon, has just been published. It’s an anthology of authors, some published for the first time, from across the world.  Blood Moon is an anthology having to do with transformations of all kinds.  The title is tied to the Jewish belief that blood moons recurring in groups of four have a spiritual significance and are an omen portending great change.

Available on Smashwords, CreateSpace, Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and several other online e-book retailers, it is currently available in e-book AND paperback. (Not all the links are live yet and I will update this when they are).

Mary Blowers, editor, is a freelancer writer and independently published Christian author specializing in self-published anthologies.

My authors are the real stars here. They trusted me with their precious stories and are also stepping forward to market this as a group effort…

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