The Well of Wisdom


The Well of Wisdom willingly waits

for the chance to catch a lonely soul

who throws a coin to pay the fates

to help them with their chosen goal

so many come and make their wish

and hope that wisdom finds them

they learn that fate serves a rather cold dish

to those without true freedom

So do not look to wishing wells

to give your heart’s desire

no outside force or simple spells

will ever quench the fire

because that thirst for vision

can only be found in you

the power is in your own decision

to your own heart you must be true

But then there is another magic

to be found inside the well

the gods can be so cryptic

in the advice they choose to sell

for if you look into its depths

the well will show quite clear

a reflection of your hidden strengths

beneath your own veneer

© Laura Crean 2013


3 thoughts on “The Well of Wisdom

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